Concrete Batching Plants: Bin Type Batching Plant: CBP 30

Planetary Pan Mixer:
- Hydraulic operated discharge doors
- Interchangeable wear resistant linings
-Reversible mixing blades ensuring Fast, homogeneous mixing
- Round mixing arms in NICr special steel
- Water distribution ring with spray nozzles.
- Inspection covers for easy cleaning and maintenance
The tough arms of the pan mixer are made of special heat hardened steel.
The scrapping and mixing blades are made of special wear resistant material.
Aggregate Feeding System (Optional) :
Comprising of Hopper, Vibro feeder Conveyor Rotary discharge chute at the top Control panel at the bottom.
Aggregate Storage Bins :
Bins have self supporting structure with side-walls and partitions in ribbed sheet steel. Discharge gates operated by damped pneumatic cylinders with high closing speed.
Weighing System:
Load cell based aggregate weighing system conforming to CE standards. Separate load cell weighing system for water and cement, which improves weighing accuracy.
Water System:
The pan mixer is fitted with a water metering system, controlled by weight. The water is added through a series of nozzles, set at suitable positions, to distribute the water uniformly while mixing.
Weighing Skip
- Self closing gate for mixer aggregates
- Limit switches for feeding / waiting / discharge positions
- Emergency switches for slack / failure wire
Additive Dosing:
Automatic Liquid Additive Dosing Unit (by volume) -
Model ADV 3.0 L. Supporting trestle, electrical equipment, cables, hoses, fittings and complementary accessories.
Computerized Control Panel:
Free stand control panel, IP 54 protection with digital display of cement and aggregate weight for semi automatic operation, input – output interface unit, PC, UPS, modem and net card for tele diagnostics and assistance.
Low Power Requirement
Connected Load: 32 Kw
  Energy Consumption: 1.06 Kwhr/cu.m
Can be erected in a small space enverlope.
  Needs only 5.25m x 11.25m
Easy Erection and Commissioning
  Within two days, the entire plant can be erected or dismantled.
Easily Transportable
  The entire plant can be transported in 3 trucks.
Minimal Foundation
  The plant requires a minimal foundation of 15 cu.m of concrete.
Modular Design
  The assembly, disassembly and the transport operations are considerably simplified, thanks to the modular design of the plant.

Aggregate Hopper Capacity
  1200 Ltrs: 2400 Kg
Cement Hopper Capacity
440 Ltrs: 600 Kg
Pan Mixer
  Loading Capacity: 750 Ltrs
Capacity of Plastic Concrete per Batch
  500 Ltrs
Production Capacity
  (V=1.25 as per Din 459): 30 cu.m/hr (STANDARD CONCRETE)
Cement Weigh Hopper Capacity
  250 Ltrs: 350 Kg
Water Weigh Hopper Volume
  260 Ltrs
Nominal Power Supply to Control Panel
  3 Phase, 415 V @ 50 Hz
Weighing Skip Capacity
  900 Ltrs
Cement Screw Conveyor Dia
  168mm x 8m
Maximum Size of Aggregate
Concrete Discharge Height
Production Cycle