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Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump - ASP Series

Inside Hopper

Inside Hopper

Wear Plate & Wear Ring

A TUNGESTERN CARBIDE wear plate and wear ring Providing a longer ilfe span ( upto 300% longer than non-carbide wear parts) which keeps maintenance costs down.

Inside Hopper


The inside of hopper is applied in such triangular paddle so the concre infection is easy when working.

Inside Hopper

Hydraulic Sensing Valve

This is the major valve for Hydraulic Changing System. Hydraulic Sensing valve guarantees good durability, long life and free form electrical problem.

Inside Hopper

Remote Control

The Concrete Pump comes complete with a 10 m eter cable remote control as optional feature.

Inside Hopper


To reduce maintenance, the pumping units are equipped with an automatic greasing system including electric pump with grease tank. Automatic greasing system comes as an optional feature.

Inside Hopper

Split Ram

The replacable sealkit are easily changed by quick detachable connections. The sealkit are especially sutiable for high pressure and abrasive concrete. More economical for all operational conditions. Service life that is upto 3 times longer than solid ram.

Concrete Cylinder

The hard chrome plated concrete cylinders offer less frictional resistance for ram movement. Which also ensures extended service life due to high resistance to wear and corrosion.

About Junjin Heavy Industry..

Junjin Heavy Industry, Korea was established in 1991, specializing in manufacturing Concrete Pumps with quality as its first priority. As a result, today Junjin has maintained an unshakable position as one of the leading manufacturers of Concrete Boom Pumps and Trailer Mounted Pumps in Korea. Today they have more than 35 models and presence in more than 60 countries. Junjin strongly believes in investing its best efforts in “After Sales Service” to satisfy its Customers.

Hydraulic System ( Two Line System)

The Hydraulic system has independent Two Lines for the main Hydraulic Cylinders and S - Valve switching cylinders. This allows for a continuous, smooth concrete pumping.

Inside Hopper

Super S - Valve

S - Valve is so suitable to the harsh concrete because it has a big inner diameter With a robust “S” Valve design, with less reduction in concrete pressure, ‘JSP Series’ pumps ensure longer life with very low wear.

Hydraulic System and Super “S” valve