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DLP 30

Planetary Pan Mixer:

- Hydraulic operated discharge doors
- Interchangeable wear resistant linings
-Reversible mixing blades ensuring Fast, homogeneous mixing
- Round mixing arms in NICr special steel
- Water distribution ring with spray nozzles.
- Inspection covers for easy cleaning and maintenance

Aggregate Storage:

Star batcher (customer scope)
Pneumatic discharge gate : 4 Nos
Aggregate batching gate size 250 x 325 : 2 Nos
Aggregate batching gate size 400 x 325 : 2 Nos

Additive Dosing:

Automatic liquid additive dosing unit by volume or by weight.
Supporting trestle, electrical equipment, cables, hoses, fittings and complementary accessories The tough arms of the pan mixer are made of special heat hardened steel.
The scrapping and mixing blades are made of special wear resistant material.

Aggregate Scraper:

Scraper working range : 10m
Dragline motor : 7.5 kW
Boom Swivel motor : 0.37 kW
Boom Scraper-
rope dia: 10 mm
rope length : 25 Mtrs

Weighing System:

Load cell based aggregate weighing system conforming to CE standards. Separate load cell weighing system for water and cement, which improves weighing accuracy.

Aggregate Skip

S-Beam Load cell 2000 Kg
(EC approved)
Skip drive geared motor
Skip drive rope dia 10 mm x 9.5 mtrs

Fully Automatic, Micro Controller Control System Comprising:

- Mounted in operator’s Cabin in walkway
- Main isolator system
- User friendly programming console
- Recipes - programmable up to 99 recipes
- 4 digital displays for Aggregate, Cement, Sand and Admixture by weight
- Admixture / water can alternatively batched by Pulse / Volumetric meter
- Production orders - upto 99 orders
- Production orders - upto 999 orders
- Entry of Customer name and Truck no into batch record and printing
- Humidity Correction - automatic by probe or manual correction
- Fully automatic Cycle
- Possibility to switch over to Manual cycle.
- Quantity per cycle - programmable upto Mixer capacity
- Auto cycle correction of weights over complete batch
- Positivity to halt and resume order at any stage
- Multiple report generation