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Service Solutions

Ajax Fiori - Service Solutions
Ajax Fiori - Service Solutions
Ajax Fiori - Service Solutions

Ajax Fiori has a full-fledged team of skilled and trained service engineers equipped not only for successful installation and commissioning of equipment, but also to trouble shoot complex problems at site and render round-the-clock service support. It offers the following service options to ensure optimum availability of machines and enhance customer satisfaction:

Health Checks :

Team of trained service engineers have the necessary skills to make periodic health checks of the machines and provide suggestions / feedback on upkeep, repairs or replacements of components, so as to ensure that the machines are available for an optimum period in a good working condition.

Breakdown Repairs :

In an unforeseen event of breakdown of equipment, our engineers attend to them promptly, diagnose the root cause effectively and thereby carry out the necessary repairs of components and major assemblies, to ensure that the equipment downtime is minimized.

Annual Service Contract :

Scheduled inspection visits by our service engineers for preventive maintenance and monitoring equipment performance. It covers assessing condition of the equipment, advising suitable changes and recommending necessary spare parts to ensure optimized equipment performance

Annual Maintenance Contract :

Resident service personnel at job sites to supervise the equipment maintenance and plan recommended spare parts to enhance equipment productivity

Comprehensive Maintenance Contract :

Resident service personnel at job sites equipped with necessary tools and tackles to carry out the equipment maintenance. Scope shall include spare parts, lubricants and service.

Refurbishment and Overhauls :

Ajax Fiori has service centre near Bangalore equipped with all facilities to repair and overhaul equipment and / or major assemblies & components like hydraulic pumps & motors, cylinders, gearbox, etc. The refurbishments are carried out under stringent specification to ensure best value for money.